ZHANG, Jingcheng's landscape painting
LI Bingqi's painting

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    GMI Auction is a department of Golden Maple International (GMI) Art Investment Group.

    Dedicated to modern and contemporary art collection, exchange, trade and auction, GMI establishes cooperative relations with many world-renowned galleries and auction houses. GMI also actively recommends calligraphy, painting, carving and sculpture works from the AMERICA ARTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE (AARI) to related activities, groups and individuals who might be potentially interested in their works. We are cordially looking forward to galleries and collectors for making win-win business relationship (818-599-7590).

   金楓拍賣 是 金楓藝術投資(GMI) 的一個部門。   GMI金楓藝術投資集團是 美國書畫藝術研究院 唯一授權的院內成員書畫作品市場化機構,致力於近當代藝術品收藏交流、交易、拍賣。金楓藝投與世界多家知名畫廊和拍賣行建立合作關係,推介美國書畫藝術研究院的書法、繪畫、篆刻及雕塑作品我們歡迎畫廊與收藏家與我們聯繫 (我們的電話:818-599-7590)